A message from Bill Brown of the ministry to addicts through Perm

19-07-2017  |  Bill Brown - Ministry to Addicts

We have been really encouraged lately at how the Lord is working in the lives of several men at the ministry to addicts.

As you know, many of the men who come to us are in great need and their lives are marred by addiction. Two men, who are currently undergoing recovery, Denis and Sasha, have recently experienced a dramatic change in their lives since they were saved and they are now rejoicing in the Lord and in His mercy. 

Sasha's mum and sister have recently moved to Holland and when they saw Sasha's photo on our

website, they could not believe the change in him - even in his appearance. They sent a monetary gift to the Centre and a lovely letter, thanking those involved in the ministry to addicts and those who sponsor it.

Here is their message for your encouragement:

“Hello. I want to thank you all for how you have helped my brother Sasha. I watched your video and I cannot believe that it is him. My mother and I had lost all hope that he could change and we did not know where to seek help or what to do. We really want to thank you - you are doing a great work. Despite all that has happened, we love Sasha dearly and desire only good for him. Words cannot express how thankful we are to your Centre”.

 As you can imagine, our church members were very touched by this message and we wanted to share it with you, our supporters. Many of YOU were instrumental in the opening of this facility as you gave sacrificially to this important need, so thank you for your part in giving and in praying.