Sharing the Gospel message with Perm, Spring 2017

19-07-2017  |  Katia Sholopova, Perm

Once again we are meeting on the pages of my prayer letter and I want to thank you and share with you how the Lord has blessed the ministry in the spreading of the Gospel here. We have had many opportunities to share the Gospel message with the people here in Perm and we are praising God.

 The work with the children is continuing well. God is blessing both in the Sunday School and in all the outreach programmes for the children. Over Christmas we had lots of excitement with rehearsals and preparations for our Christmas performances.  We rented a room in the hall at the local community centre and many children were invited with their parents. It was a great opportunity to present the Lord Jesus to them and we pray that they will remember what they heard and open their hearts to God.

 I would like to share another blessing that God gave us in the ministry here. I had the opportunity recently to get involved in a Fitness Programme .  Whilst there, I was able to talk with the women at the class and tell them about

Jesus and why He came into the world. Some of the ladies turned away defiantly and did not want to continue with the conversation. However, the majority of the women wanted to hear about my faith and were happy to listen to me sharing my faith. Please pray for this great opportunity that I have been given in the Sports Club, that the Word of God will be presented and many ladies won for Christ.

 Recently, together with the sisters of our fellowship, we studied a topic entitled, 'How to Lead a Good Christian Life'.  The Scripture passage we talked about was 2 Peter 1:3-11.  These meetings were such a good idea!  We had opportunities to chat, to encourage each other and to have a cup of tea together.  We hope to have more of these meetings again soon.

As you know, we are building a new Prayer House. We, as the sisters of the fellowship, have a unique opportunity to practise our cooking skills by making soup once a week for the workers! However, it is also a good time to talk to the workers, and our conversations help to encourage them and strengthen them in their faith. Luke 14:23

 Blessings to you dear brothers and sisters of Lo-Debar.  May God supply all your needs according to His riches.